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Western Australian Rugby League Referees Association Inc.

Welcome to the home of the Western Australian Rugby League Referees Association

One of the most rewarding aspects of Rugby League apart from playing is to become a Referee and to stay a part of the greatest game of all.

Congratulations to the appointees for the Juniors Grand Finals on Sunday 6th of September 2015. You deserve your appointment and my Coaches trust you have a great experience and enjoy. Just remember it takes fewer muscles to smile than frown. Enjoy

Martin, Jeff, Sam, John and Allan

Under 11's Referee J. Pike; Touch Judges A. Carstairs & J. Moore

Under 12's Referee T. Wharepouri; Touch Judges H. Hewat-Lawrence & J. Moore

Under GLT Referee J. Reuben; Touch Judges A. Carstairs & P. Lawrence

Under 13's Referee J. Makdessi; Touch Judges C. Walsh & P. Lawrence

Under 14's Referee A. Devine; Touch Judges T. Wharepouri & J. Pike

Under 16's Referee J. Jessep; Touch Judges J. Makdessi & L. Noonan

 Code of Conduct, Safe Play

the NEW 2015 Laws are now available for download from the Useful Documents section of this website and include 2015 ARL Laws, 2015 Mini and Mod laws, FAQ for Mini and Mod as well as a quick reference.

The Association was formed to provide Referees for the Perth competition from U/7’s through to 1st grade, and to provide a safe and enjoyable playing environment for both Junior and Senior participants.

If you have any questions about this site please email 

Last updated, 2nd September 2015.